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Katawa Shoujo Save File Locationl

Katawa Shoujo Save File Locationl

katawa shoujo save file location

Make sure all your save files are deleted (if you want to keep them, copy them ... they are found in the katawashoujo_actual_1.3 folder on your PC, I just do a ... Katawa Shoujo route flowchart: ( Games > Add a Non Game to My Library > Katawa Shoujo ... As you progress through the game and along each character's path, a new drawing ... (for example, to get a new scene or CG), you MUST load a saved game and. Can you give me the info where the saves are located then Ill tell you ... sengoku rance game katawa shoujo save pc mafia 2 complete save.... Firstly, you musn't indicate a folder for the fonts, or the game will not launch (error ... Shoujo" /> 284e61f67c

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